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About Us

Formed in 1986 with a couple of drawing boards and a second hand dyeline machine, our aim has always been to provide a comprehensive range of services which now cover graphics , artwork, copying, duplicating and signage. The unique blend of experience and willingness to explore new avenues of business and technology have allowed us to expand and offer our clients a service second to none. Jobs are finished on time and of the best possible standard.

The flexible approach

Our knowledge in one industry allows us to demonstrate our expertise in another. For example, our graphics department, who are world renowned in the Film and TV industry, have produced unique corporate gifts for business clients and time spent in cartography and oil exploration allowed us to produce maps and charts for well known feature films. The high proportion of repeat business, both in the UK and worldwide, bears testimony to this, allowing us to respond with a degree of efficiency and flexibility in an ever changing environment where time and margins are the driving force.

Recognising from the very beginning that quality is the all important factor on every clients list, we insist on the best, never compromising the high standard of our materials and machinery, thus ensuring first class results. This philosophy has helped us build an impressive portfolio of diverse and well-established clients. We simply do our best for every client because we value the work. It is therefore essential that our 'best' keeps us ahead of the field and where ever changing demands dictates, they are matched by ever changing technology. For example our serviceable client base is not restricted by geography, plans can be emailed to us as PLT, PDF or DWG files from all over the world and delivered or despatched within hours, artwork can be downloaded in various formats and output at any size on paper, film, canvas, vinyl or cloth allowing your imagination to be the only limitation.